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damn, this place is dead! let's see if i can breathe some life into you...

how 'bout an unreleased national skyline song?

i shit you not. my partner derek niedringhaus (of the late NS years) has a bunch of national skyline goodies on tape. they're not studio recordings, but they're pretty good. he's got a ton of castor stuff too, as well as some other derek/garber projects from when they were in high school. at 15, jeff already had an amazing voice, wow! anyway...i'm uploading the mp3 right now. derek hasn't transferred them all yet, but i'll let you know when there's more to be had.

enjoy, all 3 of you! ;)

more info and amusing commentary from derek and jeff here:;action=display;num=1055264118;start=
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oooooh! thanks! :)

as much as i love ken andrews and everything he does, i think they are not using jeff's full potential in YOTR. i loooove his voice!
i totally agree. i was expecting yotr to kick some serious ass, a yummy mixture of failure, shiner, and castor. i mean, shit, how can you go wrong with a lineup like that? then i heard the ep, i thought to myself, "hmm...maybe they recorded this before jeff was in the band." lol! where the hell is jeff!?! then i heard the album...i wanted to cry. i miss that voice and creativity...sorely.

i don't think i've ever fully agreed with pitchfork before, but their yotr review was dead on with my thoughts.

i've seen yotr twice this year. the first time was with centaur, whom i loooove. that show was just a mess, i won't even go there...the second time was more of an accident really, i had a craving for some cowboy monkey enchiladas the night they were playing. the power of spicy enchilada goodness is a force to be reckoned with.

the night before the last show was interesting though, it was almost a castor reunion. i was at a bbq at jay vance's place with derek and my pal joe. we were on the porch chowing some superb, spicy, slow-cooked dead animal when jeff comes walking up. shortly after, matt talbott arrived as well. it was great to hang out and listen to these guys' conversations, they were hilarious! i was too shy to butt in much, considering i haven't known them as long and i probably had bbq sauce all over me. there was a debate on who's fans were nerdier, failure fans or hum fans. i put my vote in for hum fans (appropriately), but in the end it was agreed that they were all one in the same. then jeff asked matt if he'd sign his slide rule. bahahaha! good times.

here's hoping jeff fronts another band in the future! he's too good to be a sidekick. he was always such a big failure fan, i can't blame him for wanting to be a part of yotr...but i don't have to like it ;)
i finally got around to reading it, and YES, that is exactly how i felt. there are like 2 or 3 parts of the entire album where i'm like "wow this is really good" then they try to get all stupid rock catchy and ruin it. i haven't even bothered to try learning the lyrics.

i still have yet to hear castor. :( i should just order it through my store.

SLIDE RULE!!! HAHAAHAHAH man i sort of wish i'd had a slide rule with me at the yotr show to have jeff sign. hahahaha or something equally as dorky. my graphing calculator. lol alas, the set list was all i had.
whoa! haven't heard castor? yr missing out! tis some really good stuff. i think it can still be found at for dirt cheap. castor rocks a lot more than national skyline, no synths. they're more like an avalance of guitars, sometimes light and jangly, sometimes a wall of noise, followed up with math rock-ish drums, complex bass lines, and topped off with jeff's wonderful buttery vocals. "tracking sounds alone" is easily one of my favorite albums.

next time i run into jeff, i'm going to have him sign my hard drive. absolutely.
oh, but i love synth. easily one of my favorite musical things.
Hey, do you still have this unreleased stuff around? I'd love to hear it. The mp3 in this post doesn't exist any longer.