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"new" castor and national skyline

i got some more unreleased national skyline and castor stuff for ya.


here's a bit of info about the tracks from Derek:

Castor Track 1:
One of only two surviving songs from a whole bunch of songs we recorded at home on a glorified 4-track. It was work towards a new album. We scrapped all of them and wrote what became our second album. So this song and the next were two from this group of songs.

This particular song was a remix I did secretly because Jeff didn't want the beginning vocal part in the mix. So, he's stuck with this version, because I'm pretty sure there's no versions of these any where else.

Castor Track 2:
The first 3:20 or so of this song is backwards, there are two takes that we didn't make it through before we finally got it right on the 3rd take, which starts after the two backwards takes.

Both of these songs are us set up in our house at the time, doing live takes in our band room as rough demos. This would have been around late summer/early fall 1996.

Castor Track 3:
This is a live song from a roughly the same time as the above recordings, probably later fall winter of 1996. Another song that was forgotten most likely and never made it way to any kind of demo or recording. I have a few different versions of this song from different live tapes. Each one is pretty different, which was not at all uncommon for us. Often lyrics and mood and styling were very different from night to night on any given song. This is/was one of the more amazing things about Garber, was his ability to make it work no matter what mood or frame of mind we were in.

Castor Track 4:
Same live show, Jeff explains with who. I'm pretty sure this is at Cicero's basement bar in St. Louis. One of our favorite places, that is no longer This is a live version of Miss Atlantic, which is a song that was only released as a b-side on our only 7". It has one of our famous super tight endings.

Castor Track 5:
Same live show, this song is actually on our second record, but this is an earlier version with alt lyrics and I think closer to what the song sounded like.

Castor Track 6:
One of two of the first songs we ever wrote and recorded. These were done on a 4 track in the basement of our first house together. The quality is pretty rough, but you get the idea of the song. We were so high in those days. This is probably fall/winter of 1994. This song represented our collective peak, we were in decline every day after this song was written and recorded.

National Skyline "Unreleased and Untitled 2":
Again, from the same session as the previous song. I have no idea what this song was called. I have more of these.

That's all I remember, in fact I may have made up much of this. I'm sure no one else in the band remembers either. Maybe Jeff can add some tidbits if he is poked with a stick.
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